Angel in a Haunted house

...cinematic music for an angel surveying earth’s fallen landscape. It’s intelligent, creative and a bit spooky.” - Michael Dalton

The Phantom Tollbooth

Like you're walking through a dark forest on your way to who-knows-where. Some tracks really stand out with impressive guitar work.” - Scott Fryberger

Jesus Freak Hideout

An angel, perched on the precipice of Heaven, 
peers down upon the earth. 
A place he’s never been. 
He ponders evil, the fall of man, the condition of the human heart. 
Who are these broken creatures that God would care so? 
Now he’ll go and wander this world and see for himself, 
the predicament of Mankind. 

"A Midwest Gothic experience." 

Moody and cinematic, this mostly instrumental album of guitar-oriented tracks is symbolic to an eerie dream; the soundtrack to the grainy black & white ghost story in your soul. 

Imagine Henry Mancini working with Brian Setzer to score an Ingmar Bergman film.

 Mastered at Mystery Room, Milwaukee

© KeizerLand Music 2020

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